Maureen Krivo Headshots-9316-2My original intent with this blog was simply to document my upcoming trip to Peru.  However, I find myself unable to simply state the facts without also explaining the personal journey involved.  I don’t want anything to get lost in translation.  Perhaps I should say I don’t want to get lost in translation.  Again.

Most importantly, I want to share what I learn as I explore this big old beautiful world –  the people, the flora, the fauna, the land itself.   Because what I’ve come to understand is that we must walk past the end of ourselves to truly comprehend how they impact us, and how we impact them.  Trust me on this.  It’s a big deal.

So this is my journey, as I see it, filled with introspection, wonder, curiosity, bravery, and a heaping spoonful of humor.  I’m not sure where I’ll go with this blog after my trip to Peru, but I know there will be others…and every step is a pilgrimage.

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