November 26, 2013 – Counting Down (With Rocks In My Boots)

Exactly one month from today I will touch down in Cusco, Peru.  By myself.  If all goes according to plan, I will not remain a lone traveler, but will meet my friend, Mo, who is currently trekking through South America researching school gardens for a book she plans to write.  Together, we will hike to Macchu Picchu (one of the “new” Seven Wonders of the World) then ascend 1,180 more feet to the top of Huyana Picchu (a.k.a. Wayna Picchu).  It is on that mountain, in the Temple of the Moon, I intend to leave behind the rocks in my boots – the fear and doubt that has usurped so much of my life.

And so, on Christmas night, I will hug my husband and son goodbye, and begin this deeply personal and symbolic journey.  On New Year’s Day I will return home.  And I will be different.

It’s quite fitting, really, the timing of this trip.  A grand finale to the year in which I finally cast aside the masks I so carefully crafted over my lifetime, and yet a poignant welcoming of a future of adventure, knowledge, passion, and intentional living.

This is a blog about my trip to Peru.  Like me, sometimes it will be funny, other times it will be deeply reflective.  My intent is to go beyond documenting an occasion for posterity and get you to laugh a little, think a bit more, move beyond yourself, and maybe even inspire you from time to time.

Are you ready?!  Me neither!  Let’s do this thing!  ¡Vamos a hacer esto!Image


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